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Founded as a mobile recording studio, Doc’s Basement exists to provide major label quality recordings to artists on a budget. Doc’s Basement’s albums can be produced anywhere from NYC apartments to rehearsal spaces, and yes, even basements. Get in touch today to begin your next project, or to put the finishing touches on your record with a next-level mix.

Alex PrezzanoAlex Prezzano

“If You Change Your Mind”

Produced and mixed by Will Melones (Doc’s Basement). Mastered by Adam Ayan (Gateway).

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Custom Cables

Stop overpaying for name-brand cables with a phony lifetime guarantee. Doc’s Basement Custom Cables are made from materials that are rigorously tested and chosen by real industry professionals just like you.

All of Doc’s cables are meticulously hand-soldered in the USA, custom made to your specification. You want a pink 13.5 foot guitar cable with two right-angle plugs? Fine, you’ve got it. Looking for an obscure cable for that boutique pedal or stereo amplifier setup? Doc’s Basement can build it.

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