Music Production & Remote Mixing

Think you need to go to a big city studio to have your music mixed? I urge you to think again. When you mix at a major studio, you’re paying by the hour just to book the room on top of the engineer’s rate. You end up in a tense setting where you and the mixer are forced to make impulse decisions under pressure, often in an unfamiliar listening environment. The mixes come out rushed and generic, and it’s just plain expensive.

When you mix online with Doc’s Basement, you’ll take away mix you can be proud to show off. Your songs will be handled by an engineer who specializes in mixing, and you won’t be paying for the studio’s real estate tax and building maintenance.

Custom Cables

Early in my recording days, I saved my money for months so I could afford to buy the last couple microphones on my wishlist. Finally, I had eight inputs and enough mics to record a drum set, vocals, and whatever else a band might throw at me. But I had overlooked one critical piece of the puzzle–cables.

The few cables I did have were in varying states of disrepair, and I knew they were holding me back from the sounds quality I wanted for my recordings.

I started researching, looking for that perfect balance of professional quality without exorbitant cost. What I found was a lot of flashy marketing, audio mythology, and high markups. Where I was hoping to find a trusted, utilitarian mic cable at a reasonable price, I found a gaping hole in the market.

I built the first nine Doc’s Basement Custom Cables to fulfill my own need, and every one of them is still in use today. Every cable in the Doc’s Basement line is designed to be practical, professional, and 100% voodoo-free. I use components that I’ve found to be reliable, and depend on my customers’ feedback to inspire new products.

Will Melones
Owner of Doc’s Basement



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