SquarePatch Low-Profile Pedal Patch

SquarePatch Low-Profile Pedal Patch

The cable that goes where none other would dare.

  • Low-profile Canare cable made in Japan
  • Comparable capacitance to Mogami W2319
  • Braided shield keeps out unwanted noise
  • Revolutionary SquarePlug connectors designed to fit bypass switchers and closely-spaced jacks

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Are you using a bypass looper, switcher, or other multi-output pedals with closely spaced jacks? Regular plugs just don’t fit, and you certainly can’t afford to have solderless cables go out on you in the middle of a show. Doc’s Basement SquarePatch cables are hand-soldered in the US and made to last a lifetime.

  • Low capacitance Canare GS-4 preserves your tone while staying thin and flexible
  • Revolutionary SquarePlug connectors designed in Paris to fit right next to one another in tight switcher and patchbay jack layouts
  • Easily combine custom lengths to outfit your whole pedalboard

SquarePlug has verified that the SP400 plug is compatible with the following switchers and controllers:

  • VoodooLab Pedal Switcher, PX8, PX8 Plus, HEX
  • RJM Music PBC, Mini Effect Gizmo
  • MusicomLab 6M, 62M, 8L, MKIV, MKV
  • Providence Audio PEC-4V, PEC-2
  • IdeaBench Switcheroo
  • Carl Martin Octaswitch, Octaswitch mkii
  • Vinteck V8
  • Cusack Music Pedalboard Tamer

Canare GS-4 Specs

  • 22 AWG oxygen free copper conductor
  • 93% minimum coverage copper braided shield with conductive carbon plastic layer
  • 47 pF/ft capacitance
  • Made in Japan

Prefer Mogami W2319 or BTPA CA-0678? You can easily add SquarePlug SP400 connectors to any custom MoPatch or GhostPatch cable.

All of Doc’s Basement Custom Cables are handmade in-house. Most orders are built and shipped within three business days.  In the rare circumstance that a nonstandard part is out of stock, you will be promptly notified by email once your order is received, and your custom item will be expected to ship within five to ten business days.

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