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Music Production

Originally founded as a mobile recording studio, Doc’s Basement’s mission is to provide major label quality recordings and mixes to promising independent artists who may have a limited budget. Doc’s Basement’s albums can be produced anywhere from NYC apartments to rehearsal spaces, and yes, even basements.  Record your band’s next album or EP anywhere you feel comfortable letting your creative juices flow.

Located in Kearny, NJ just a 20-minute train ride from NYC, Doc’s Basement serves the greater New York City area and has made travel arrangements stretching from Boston to Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Live Recording

If you’ve got a big show coming up in the NYC or NJ area, Doc’s Basement will meet you there.  Our fully mobile recording studio can capture a live multitrack recording at a number of cooperating venues.  The multitrack can then be mixed just like a studio recording, far exceeding the quality of a stereo “board mix”.  These live recordings are great for syncing to video, or even just archiving your performances with album-like detail.

Cartel – “Runaway” Live at Gramercy Theatre

Engineered and mixed by Will Melones (Doc’s Basement). FOH Engineer: T.J. Russell. Mixed for demonstrative purposes only.

Remote Tracks

Not on the East Coast but still want to work with the best?  Not a problem!  Get your own major-label quality instrumental tracks, great for singer-songwriters, hip-hop artists, and pop vocalists who may not already have a band.  And Doc’s Basement’s network of professional studio musicians puts New York City’s best players in your pocket.


You’ve spent hours slaving over your tracks to get the perfect guitar sound and that ultimate vocal take. Don’t let your musical genius go to waste with a dull mix. Doc’s Basement offers the most affordable professional mixing and mastering services, so you can get that hit-worthy sound without the major label investment.  Your music will be mixed using a hybrid of top notch analog gear and pristine digital processing.

Molly Garrett - I Have a Bearded DragonMolly Garrett

“Blood on the Floor”

Produced by Molly Garrett.  Mixed and mastered by Will Melones (Doc’s Basement).


Mastering is the crucial final step that brings your tracks to a volume competitive with other songs on the albums you know and love.  Whether your music was mixed by Doc’s Basement or an outside engineer, Doc’s Basement can provide affordable but effective mastering services to give your tracks a loud, polished  sound.


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