Studio TRS Patch Orange


A balanced cable worthy of being patched into your studio gear.

  • Low-profile Canare cable made in Japan
  • For balanced line-level or stereo applications
  • Angled or straight TRS or XLR plugs
  • Techflex for durability and organization
  • Not intended for use as a Hi-Z
    guitar/instrument cable
Length (Inches)
Connector 1
Connector 2


You’ve spent top dollar on the best recording gear for your studio. Why let cheap bargain-bin patch cables degrade your tone? Doc’s Basement Studio TRS Patch cables are hand-soldered in the US and made to last a lifetime.

  • Thin, balanced Canare L-2E5 provides accurate tone reproduction while keeping out noise
  • Amphenol connectors maintain a low profile while holding up to the rigors of studio use
  • Techflex Flexo PET sleeving provides convenient color coding while adding protection
  • Custom lengths to suit any patch bay configuration

Canare L-2E5 Specs

  • 26 AWG oxygen-free copper conductor
  • 96.7% minimum coverage copper braided shield
  • Made in Japan

All of Doc’s Basement Custom Cables are handmade in-house. Most orders are built and shipped within three business days.  In the rare circumstance that a nonstandard part is out of stock, you will be promptly notified by email once your order is received, and your custom item will be expected to ship within five to ten business days.

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