GhostFlex Instrument Green


So transparent it’s spooky.

  • Crisp white BPTA cable made in the USA
  • Ultra-low capacitance for full-frequency tone
  • Braided shield keeps out unwanted noise
  • Techflex sleeving adds durability and allure
  • Thin, lightweight, and not prone to tangling
Length (Feet)
Connector 1
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The Doc’s Basement GhostFlex Instrument Cable redefines the top tier of premium cabling. With half the capacitance of comparable Mogami and Canare offerings, its BTPA CA-0678 cable is so crystal clear that you won’t even know it’s there, and it looks especially stunning under eight available colors of Techflex sleeving.

  • High-performance BTPA cable for exquisite tone reproduction
  • A variety of colors pop against white cable
  • Techflex sleeving for exceptional durability

BTPA CA-0678 Specs

  • 24 AWG oxygen-free copper conductor
  • 95% coverage braided copper shield¬†with semi-conductive PVC layer
  • 20 pF/ft capacitance
  • Made in the USA

All of Doc’s Basement Custom Cables are handmade in-house. Most orders are built and shipped within three business days. ¬†In the rare circumstance that a nonstandard part is out of stock, you will be promptly notified by email once your order is received, and your custom item will be expected to ship within five to ten business days.

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