The thinnest, lightest, and most affordable pro cable for your pedals.

  • Low-profile Canare cable made in Japan
  • Comparable capacitance to Mogami W2319
  • Braided shield keeps out unwanted noise
  • Configurable with a variety of connectors to fit any pedal configuration
Length (Inches)
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Applies to right angle connectors only. Check this box for plugs to face opposite directions.


Don’t roll the dice with bulky solderless heads that become less reliable over time. Doc’s Basement ProPatch cables are hand-soldered in the US and made to last a lifetime.

  • Low capacitance Canare GS-4 preserves your tone while staying thin and flexible
  • Our thinnest pancake plugs ever allow you to cram even more Klons on your board
  • Easily combine custom lengths to outfit your whole pedalboard

Canare GS-4 Specs

  • 22 AWG oxygen-free copper conductor
  • 93% minimum coverage copper braided shield with conductive carbon plastic layer
  • 47 pF/ft capacitance
  • Made in Japan

All of Doc’s Basement Custom Cables are handmade in-house. Most orders are built and shipped within three business days.  In the rare circumstance that a nonstandard part is out of stock, you will be promptly notified by email once your order is received, and your custom item will be expected to ship within five to ten business days.

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